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Job Analyses

Comprehensive Job Analyses

When an employee suffers a work-related injury (and seeks medical treatment), his or her physician will need to determine if the employee is able to return to their regular job duties. In order to have an accurate and unbiased description of the employee’s job, employers and insurance carriers rely on the knowledge and expertise of Regain’s Vocational Specialists to produce a comprehensive appraisal of the employee’s duties. The Job Analyses provided by Regain include overviews of the employees’ jobs, plus a detailed description of the physical efforts required to perform the daily work tasks. When the treating physician reviews the Job Analysis, he/she will be better able to determine if the employee can return to their usual and customary job, or whether modified or alternative work should be explored.
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Job Descriptions

In an effort to control Workers’ Compensation costs, many employers are having Job Descriptions prepared for each job title within their company. Having a library of Job Descriptions allows the employer to react quickly when an employee injures him/herself on the job. When that employee firsts visits the doctor, the employer can ensure that the doctor has a complete and accurate description of the employee’s job duties to help determine if and when the employee can return to their job. By having a Job Description library available to the clinic that treats the employees, plus a copy of the library available to the employer’s Worker’s Compensation carrier, the employer can ensure that the best decisions are made regarding what (if any) actions need to be undertaken in order to return the employee to work at the earliest feasible time. This helps to lower claims costs, and reduces the amount of productivity lost when an employee is out on extended medical leave. Contact us for more information.
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Ultimately, a job description library can help businesses lower claims costs. It can also reduce lost productivity when an employee is out on extended medical leave.

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