Career Counseling

From our years of experience, we have found that career counseling services are most effective when tailored to each individual's unique needs. Some individuals are in need of job placement assistance, while others are in need of career identification and planning. Whatever your situation may be, we can provide the guidance that sets you on the right path

Our standard career counseling package is comprised of three to four meetings as necessary. These meetings occur over a span of between three weeks and three months depending on indivisual need. To ensure that the best career decision is reached, additional work and research will be performed between meetings (at no additional cost). Individuals may leave a meeting with a "homework assignment", which will help with the career decision making process.

During the career counseling meetings, selected activities are involved. Thse selected activities may include:

  • Information gathering regarding work history, educational background, hobbies, and interests.
  • Resume and cover letter preparation.
  • Review of training options.
  • Internet job search instruction.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Transferrable Skills Analysis.
  • Short/long term goal exploration.
  • Vocational Testing (including interpretation of test results).
  • Job log preparation.
  • Counseling/support.

After a final meeting (if requested), the Career Counselor will prepare a Return-to-Work plan that may include current wage earning information, test results, recommended occupations, training options, timelines, and the final career counseling recommendations. For those individuals who are going through a divorce, this report can be a valuable tool during mediation and/or settlement discussions.

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